Men kidnapped on their way to work

HOUSTON After a frightening ride, Houston police were a welcome sight for two brothers. Kidnapped and robbed of all their money, they were finally safe.

One victim told Eyewitness News in Spanish, "We don't know what's happening, we're just scared."

The men say they were on their way to work around 6am Friday and had just stopped at the Trails of Inwood apartments to pick up a co-worker. Two of the men were calling him on the gate access keypad when two men with guns forced them into their car. Mario Cruz was left behind

"The other guy looked at me and said don't move," he recalled. "OK."

As Mario was calling police, the crooks drove the victims to an ATM and ordered them to withdraw cash. When they got what they wanted, they dumped the victims at Pinemont and Mangum, along with their wallets.

Sgt. John Chomiak with the Houston Police Department says a robbery like this is a textbook crime of opportunity.

He said, "They wait for people to be around, not paying attention, to sneak up behind them when they're walking to a gate, walking to a their car, walking to the office."

Mario tells us the robbers got away with $500. That hard-earned cash is a lot of money for these air conditioning repairmen.

"It's very hard for Mexican people working all week, and for somebody to take all their money," he said.

Mario did point out the victims are all legal residents. The victims say there were a total of four armed robbers. The suspects were driving a gray Chevy Impala with paper license plates. If you have any information, you're asked to call Houston police or Crime Stoppers, at 713-222-TIPS.

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