Will there be future crane inspections?

HOUSTON A worker who knew the victims is now giving us an inside look at the scene just days before the accident.

He like many people are trying to figure out question what could have gone wrong. Meanwhile a city councilman says he's looking into more regulation.

The flags outside the LyondellBasell refinery fly at half-mast in honor of the four contract workers Marion Odom III, John Henry, Daniel Johnson and Rocky Strength who lost their lives after a huge crane collapsed.

"I've been doing this 16 years," said contractor Rodney Sexton. "I look at pictures and can't imagine what would have went wrong."

Sexton took pictures of the crane on his cell phone while at the refinery just a week before. Sexton is a rigger who was working on site for Wyatt Crane helping to build the massive piece of equipment.

"The rigger does all the hooking on to various parts," he told us. "We flag the crane operators with the loads and get loads set in place."

He says the contract workers are like a band of brothers who see each other regularly at different work sites. He knew victim rocky strength for many years and was just working with him the week before.

The crane was capable of lifting a million pounds. It wasn't scheduled for lifts Friday since the crew wasn't completely finished constructing it. Texas does not require inspection of cranes before they operate, but that is something Adrian Garcia says he's looking into to see if that needs to change.

Councilman Garcia says he will also consult with officials in New York City where there have been two recent crane crashes to see what caused those accidents and how it imposes regulation.

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