Feeding a family on the cheap

HOUSTON We ran around to some stores and did all the work for you from the dollar store to organics.

Our first stop the 99 Cents Only Store where you guessed it, everything is priced at 99 cents.

"Everything we sell is in code and it's fresh and it's mostly brand names so you know you are getting this from reputable companies," said Rachel Jacobs of the 99 Cents Only Store.

So we are off to find a three course meal for a family of four on a budget.

Since we are planning a pasta dinner, we pick up spaghetti, pasta sauce and salmon. We pick up some salad dressing, a loaf of bread, brownies for dessert and something to drink.

Our entire meal is $7.88!

Our next stop is Big Lots which prides itself on its brand names and closeout prices. We decide to buy lunch. We pick up tuna, bread, a bag of chips, relish, mustard, some coffee cake and four cans of Coke. Our big splurge here was dessert for a $1.99. Our total is $8.48.

But what if we want to go all natural or organic?

So what about Whole Foods? Can you feed a family of four for under $15?

Celebrity chef and mom Lisa Garza says you can eat healthy on a budget. Here she shows us how we can whip up a meal at home.

"You can't really mess this up at all," she assured us. "Like I said your kids can do this."

Our ingredients for this meal are tuna steaks, fresh bell peppers and onions.

We use peach salsa as our relish and we also pick up a ready-made side. Our dinner for four at Whole Foods is just under $15.

"I think it's really simple, you can make this whole meal in less than 30 minutes," she told us. "Grab one of their sides, your family is ready to eat."

We checked out other stores for cheap meals for a family of four, click here for more ideas.

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