It's decision time for the Astros

HOUSTON I don't think they can win with the current cast, but I talked with General Manager Ed Wade Tuesday afternoon, who said he was going to let the month play itself out before making a decision. The trading deadline is July 31.

Wade said he thinks the current composition of the club is capable of winning. I disagree. I could see them in a seller's market with teams that need depth being interested in a Loretta, Erstadt or Blum if the Astros could get some prospects to help add depth.

But Drayton McLane isn't one to throw in the towel.

As for getting their draft picks signed, Wade told me there are a lot of the first round guys not signed and he feels confident about getting Catcher Jason Castro in an Astros uniform. The deadline there is August 15 and a lot of first-rounders are waiting for the players ahead of them to sign to see what the market is.

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