Protesting the Joe Horn decision

HOUSTON That grand jury's decision has led to loud calls of support from those who feel /*Joe Horn*/ did the right thing and an uproar among community activists who believe he is getting away with murder.

Black community activists and one of the deceased men's fiancée came together Tuesday to react to the grand jury's decision to not indict Horn. They've had a day to digest it and to plan action.

Activist Quanell X called the news conference. Sitting next to him was Stephanie Storey, the fiancée of Hernando Torrez. Horn shot both he and Diego Ortiz last November. They allegedly had just broken into Horn's neighbor's house and were running away. Horn shot both in the back, killing them.

On Monday, a grand jury decided not to indict Horn. Several black leaders want to know the makeup of that grand jury.

"We want to see if he was judged by his peers," said community leader Pastor James Nash. "If not, we need some minorities on that particular grand jury. It is wrong. I don't care what anyone says. That should not have happened.

"I'm very surprised that these two lives had no value, that someone could take the law into their own hands and shoot them down like animals and absolutely get away with it," said Storey. "I'm more than angry right now. I'm going to pray to my God, it's going to be done. It's not over."

Storey plans to meet with attorneys to discuss the possibilities of a civil suit. Those at the news conference also plan to lobby lawmakers to change the 'Castle Doctrine' to exclude protecting property as a justification to use deadly force.

Meantime, Quanell X is planning a protest at the Harris County district attorney's office for next week.

Of course, this is just one side of the story. There are still those who are calling Joe Horn a hero.

Horn will talk about the decision for the first time exclusively on Good Morning America. Hear what he has to say Wednesday morning at 7am.

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