Rockets introduce draft selections

HOUSTON It's hard to grade a draft the day after. But the Rockets believe the addition of 6-11 shooter Donte Green out of Syracuse and 6-9 banger Joey Dorsey from Memphis is just what they need. Dorsey not afraid to give the draft a grade.

"Oh yeah, you get an 'A.' I think you get an 'A,'" Dorsey told Rockets general manager Daryl Morey at a news conference Friday.

"I think he gave me a better grade than he ever got at Memphis," Morey retorted.

"He got me on that one," Dorsey conceded.

The Rockets pulled off a three team trade with Portland and Memphis to aquire the rights to Green and Dorsey. Green averaged almost 18 points a game in his one year at Syracuse.

"I'm known for being a shooter, but as time goes on, I'm definitely going to try to turn my game into a driving game," Green said.

Dorsey is a self-proclaimed defensive specialist with the perfect description of his game.

"The Ray Lewis of the basketball. I can be that linebacker that's coaching the guys up there, you know, on the defensive end. So, I think so. The Ray Lewis of the basketball," Dorsey said.

Dorsey and Greene neighborhood friends from Baltimore. Ending up on the same NBA team almost too good to be true.

"That's probably the story of the draft," Greene said.

"It feels like we're playing AAU ball again," Dorsey said.

"There's a lot of times in Baltimore, players don't make it out," Greene added.

"Holding up that Houston Rockets jersey, man, it's a great feeling," Dorsey noted.

Greene and Dorsey are ready to prove themselves NBA ready during summer league action, ready to live up to their grade.

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