Thieves target same electronic store again

HOUSTON Burlars hit the River Oaks Stereo store on Richmond near Las Palmas overnight and took off with a lot of merchandise.

The owners got a call from their alarm company saying there was some sort of disruption. They were able to access the store cameras from home and indeed, they had been broken into again.

Investigators say the thieves went to great lengths to get into the store. They popped open the door to a neighboring business and tried to go through the wall but ended up getting into the store by going through a hallway.

This is the third time the store has been broken into in seven months.

"They will probably come back again and by that time, we would have reinforced our security even further. Probably our neighbors would have done the same, as well," said store owner Patricia Runner.

The thieves made off with several stereos and screens. Several stores in the area have closed because business owners couldn't pay the high insurance anymore due to the numerous robberies.

Authorities hope the surveillance video will help nab the suspects.

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