Texans host youth football camp

HOUSTON But what you might have seen is the annual Texans youth camp.

"Do not let him push you off the ball!" James Robinson sternly warns one youngster. Robinson played his college ball at TSU, and for the past six years, he has given his time to help coach at this football camp.

"You know, in order for a kid to get motivated into the game, you have to be a motivated coach. If you're sitting there dead, the kid's dead. And I believe that if you push him, that something will come out of him.

Robinson is just one of many local coaches who give their time during this week on the Texans' practice fields, including the practice bubble.

"They do an excellent job here. I have to really commend everybody that's involved with the camp over the years. It just gets better and better every year," Jerry Bonney said.

Bonney played basketball with Elvin Hayes and Don Chaney at the University of Houston. But Bonney's son, John, loves football.

Pat Reinecke coaches at Madison High School and is the site supervisor at the camp. And there are Texans coaches who bring their sons to the camp.

"If they want to give some tips, you let 'em talk to you, you listen to what they got to say. And maybe sometimes you go, 'All right now, if you can just stand back, '" Reinecke said.

The Texans make to camp possible for kids ages 8 through 14 to learn the fundamentals of the game. And each day, they get a visit from a Texans player who talks about more than just football.

A day of learning, courtesy of the Texans and a bunch of coaches who care.

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