Doctor prescribes camera to catch thief

HOUSTON Each time, the burglar got away with valuable equipment. But what that thief didn't know, he was caught on tape and quality of this video is pretty good.

Three of the clinic's eight cameras caught the burglar in the act. The $6,000 camera system didn't prevent the break-ins, but the doctor is hoping it will help catch the guy behind them.

At Clinic 45 on the Gulf Freeway, Dr. Joseph Sleiman has repeat patients, but also a repeat thief.

"For him to have the guts to come back come on," the doctor thought aloud.

He believes the same guy has struck three times in just three weeks. Why? The camera doesn't lie.

From at least three different angles, you can see the guy's face. On May 21st, he peeked down the hall before venturing out into the clinic. He crawls to avoid the motion sensors. In the reception area, he grabs small change and rummages through the drawers. This burglar didn't use a door, he made his own.

"This is actually the third of the three holes he made," he said.

Albert Luna, a patient representative, showed us where the thief busted through the wall to get in.

"There was sheet rock everywhere dust," Luna said.

The last time was last week. You can see him struggling with a 42 inch monitor. He also took computers, CD players, DVD players, a nurse's stethoscope and even food from the refrigerator. In this video, workers believe he's running down the hall with a bag full of fruit.

Dr. Sleiman thinks his clinic is a target because it's the only space in this new strip center that is occupied. He now hopes a security guard will work better than the parking lot security system the burglar managed to avoid three times. He's hoping there's not a fourth.

"I want to see this guy behind the bars," Dr. Sleiman said.

But if there is, greetings await him.

Houston police are investigating these burglaries. They've lifted prints but so far they do not have a suspect. If the guy in the video looks familiar to you, Dr. Sleiman wants you to call police. He's even offering a reward for good information.

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