Search underway for missing Pasadena kids

PASADENA, TX There's been no sign of a seven-year-old boy and his three-year-old little sister in Pasadena. Search crews spent the day looking for the youngsters. They were first reported missing at 9pm Sunday - seven hours after they were last seen. The two were playing at their apartment complex on Burke Road near Fairmont Parkway when they disappeared.

As every hour passes, the hope of finding these two children alive is growing dimmer. As search dogs and volunteers turned up nothing for a second day in the search, the mother of the two missing children hoped for something she fears may not happen.

Jerilynn St. Cyr said, "I want it to be a dream and I want to wake up and my kids in their bed. That's what I want, but, we know it's not going to happen."

Randy Sylvester, 7, and his sister Denim, 3, were last seen Sunday at 2pm. The children, according to their mother, were playing in the apartment tennis court when they disappeared.

"We walked endlessly from back to front, top to bottom, going all the way around," Jerilynn recalled.

On Monday, police scoured through the father's silver Cadillac, taking several samples from the trunk. Police also searched the father's apartment, removing bags of clothing. While still calling the case a missing children's case, police have to settle inconsistencies with the parents' statements.

Pasadena Police Captain Bud Corbett told Eyewitness News, "I can't be specific about what that is, just that the conflict does exist, and we're trying to sort it out at the moment."

Making the search difficult, police say, is the amount of time it took for the children to be reported missing -- a full six and a half hours after the discovery. Officials with the Texas Center for the Missing say that's time that could have been crucial.

Beth Alberts explained, "That's just time you never get back. Even a young child walking can go even a mile every 30 minutes or so, and so you're talking about a greater distance."

That's time a mother now spends without her children.

"I don't want to cry," Jerilynn said. "That means that something bad has happened but I just want my kids back. I want them back and want them back safe."

Denim is approximately 2'5" and was last seen wearing a pink, V-neck tee shirt with brown trim, pink shorts, pink flip-flops and braided hair with pink pony tail holder.

Randy is 4'1" and was last seen wearing a blue and orange Florida Gators shirt, blue denim shorts, and blue and white tennis shoes.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of these two children, you're asked to call the Pasadena Police Department.

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