Violent carjackers remain on the loose

HOUSTON It started around 9:45pm last night when two Hispanic males approached a man at a gas station on Bauman and Robmore in north Houston. Even after the victim gave up his truck, one of the men yelled, 'Shoot him away.' The victim was shot and he's now in the hospital, listed as stable.

About 15 minutes later, a man and woman at the Nordling Chateau apartments at I-45 and Parker were attacked. Police say the same two men from the first carjacking shot the second victim several times in the chest and pistol whipped the female. The suspects then took the victims' Ford Mustang. The male victim is listed in serious condition.

About an hour later in the area of Van Ness and East Little York, the truck belonging to the first victim, the man who was shot at the gas station, was found in a ditch.

Then around midnight, the suspects apparently crashed the Ford Mustang taken from the second set of victims into a telephone pole near East Hardy Road and King. By the time police arrived, the suspects were gone.

Investigators believe due the violent nature of the crimes, the two men are gang members. They were both wearing white T-shirts and jeans and their heads were shaved. If you have any information, you're asked to call police.

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