Going coast to coast to fight cancer

HOUSTON Daniel Rudge is in the midst of a coast to coast bicycle race, which is literally that. Daniel and other riders left Oceanside, California, Sunday and won't stop peddling until they reach Annapolis, Maryland in the Race Across America. It's grueling 3,000 miles in which cyclists have 12 days to go from sea to shining sea.

There are more than 300 cyclists competing in the race this year, but Daniel, an engineer by profession, is one of 27 riders doing the feat solo. And while the race is fulfilling personally, Daniel is cycling for a reason.

"Whilst I am energized to undertake the immense physical and mental challenge posed by the race, I intend to do so once again in aid of charity so that my personal physical efforts go beyond the race to benefit others less fortunate than I," said Daniel.

All funds raised by Daniel in the race go to the MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital to help them conquer cancer, in particular Neurofibromatosis.

Intense competition is nothing new to Daniel. He was the United Arab Emirates Triathlon Champion in 2002 and 2003 and has competed in the Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa. Living in Houston now with this wife and two kids, Daniel still competes in tests of cycling endurance, but the solo ride of the Race Across America is the first time he's taken on a challenge of this size.

And though he's riding alone, you can join in on his trip. A web site has been set up, which includes a blog, podcast, photos and more. Here's a link. And make sure to check back on abc13.com in the coming days to track his progress.

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