Fake cops storm club

HOUSTON They tried to rip-off a game room off Edgebrook near Highway 3 in southeast Houston. Police are trying to figure out who committed a robbery and assault plus impersonated them.

Police say four men in a dark colored truck pulled up to the game room with flashing lights on. They were wearing what police called riot gear. The group went to the front door as two security guards were coming out.

That's when the confrontation started.

At least one shot was fired. The four men beat-up the two guards, stole their weapons and took off. The female security guard was sent to the hospital for her beating injuries.

But police believe this crime was cut short. They also think the fact the men dressed as officers in the hope no one would object when they stormed the game room.

Fifteen customers ran out the back. Three witnesses we met were too scared to talk with us on-camera. Police also declined an on-camera interview.

Surveillance cameras likely caught the crime happening, but aren't set up to record, only to view.

Police do not yet have any suspects in custody.

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