Man shot by robbery suspects while walking

HOUSTON It happened early this morning in the Beckford Place South subdivision on Beckford near Bissonnet. The 54-year-old victim was walking when two men came out of an alley, approached him and started shooting at him after he told them he didn't have any money.

The victim was able to make his way to a house about 100 yards from the shooting location. The people there answered the door and called for help.

The Erazo family was sleeping peacefully, when the front of their house became a crime scene.

It's not the kind of cleanup Osmin Erazo has ever had to do on his front door step -- removing the blood of a man who came banging on his door around 3am.

"When I saw this -- I had to call the police," said eyewitness Osmin Erazo.

"I woke up, ran to the window and my parents were already up," said eyewitness Suni Erazo.

What the Erazo family saw, and heard, was a man, screaming. Erazo's daughter, Suni called 911.

"He was saying, 'I been shot, I been shot' and I called and the lady said if you don't know him, don't open the door, just tell him we're on the way," said Suni.

It was long wait -- for everyone.

"I kind of knocked on the door and told him hey they're coming, got an ambulance on the way," said Suni."

The family followed the 911 operator's instructions, and didn't open the door.

"He was still knocking, he was still knocking -- just in pain," said Suni.

An emergency crew and law enforcement finally arrived and airlifted the man to the hospital.

"I hope he does good and hope he survives," said Suni.

An investigator in the robbery division said the victim was out of surgery. He is in serious but stable condition, and they're waiting to talk to him to get more information about what happened.

For now, there's no detailed description of the two robbers, they got away.

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