Big honor for Pasadena ISD

PASADENA, TX The ICLE recognized the district for its ongoing effort to reform the educational program in Pasadena ISD to reflect higher standards and greater rigor in its instruction throughout the system, which is the intent of the district's Expectation Graduation initiative. The International Center cited as evidence of its achievement significant improvement on TAKS over the past four years, the decrease in high school failure rates, its decrease in dropout rates and its increase in student attendance after only one full year of implementation.

"This is a huge award and wonderful national recognition for Pasadena ISD," said Dr. Kirk Lewis, Pasadena ISD superintendent. "The gains we have made are a tribute to the teachers, principals and support staff who worked so hard to change the delivery of instruction and add greater rigor and relevance to the curriculum from pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade."

The district will be recognized at the ICLE's Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Fla., in June. The Model Schools Conference is the largest national forum for K-12 educational reform.

Dr. William R. Daggett, president of the ICLE, shared his words of praise about Pasadena ISD's programs.

"We are delighted that this exceptional district will be sharing its best practices, which mirror the International Center's mission of providing a rigorous and relevant education for all students," Daggett said.

This is the first national recognition the entire district has received since the 1970s when Pasadena ISD was recognized by the nationally-syndicated Parade Magazine for moving to the intermediate school concept.

"Our students, teachers and staff have made this happen through their tireless and focused efforts," Lewis said. "While we recognize that we still have a long way to go to reach our final goals within Expectation Graduation, this honor is a significant achievement worth celebrating."

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