Both sides rest in Quintero sentencing

May 15, 2008 10:31:00 AM PDT
A Harris County jury will soon start deliberating punishment in the Juan Quintero capital murder trial. Quintero is the illegal immigrant convicted of killing a Houston police officer nearly two years ago. The defense has rested its case to spare Quintero's life. After the prosecution called a rebuttal witness, they rested as well.

Attorneys and the judge spent much of the morning on a defense motion. That motion was to exclude a taped conversation between Quintero and a friend while Quintero was in custody about whether that friend could get on the jury to turn the case in Quintero's favor.

The defense won the motion and the taped conversation won't be introduced as evidence. The defense had claimed that the state withheld the tape and they needed it to defend their client.

Closing arguments will be on Monday, followed by deliberations

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