Luxurious furniture you can get cheap

HOUSTON There is such a huge interest in this story that after we mentioned it Thursday people started calling the Houstonian, asking when they could buy their furniture. It does not work that way, but we do know where the furniture is being sold right now.

One dresser we found has only been on the showroom floor a few hours and it's already heading out the door. It, as well as leather inlay desks and armoires from Houston luxury hotels, are being sold at a North Freeway warehouse.

"We have Henredon pieces and Baker pieces and Century pieces from hotels like the Houstonian," said owners Phil Winterton.

Southwest Surplus has chairs, mirrors, art work, desks, just about everything that once decorated the rooms at Houston luxury hotels. In the case of one armoire we saw there, buying it new could cost you a couple of thousand dollars. Buying it used sets you back $500.

"We have pictures for $10, lamps for $5, mini fridges for $35," said Winterton.

While the Houstonian may have most widely recognized name, other national and local hotel furnishings are there, too, including things from the Warwick and Hilton. The names mean little to Mike Munch, who's just looking for a good deal.

"You have an opportunity to pick up on some substantial savings with items that were placed in high quality hotels," he said. "So I think there would be some value to it, so that's why I am down here looking."

The warehouse is currently removing furniture from more than 500 rooms out of a pair Houston landmarks. You know about the Houstonian. What about the other one?

"It's so exclusive, it's a secret," said Winterton.

Remember, this is used furniture. Some things do have scratches and dents and the couches may need to be re-upholstered to suit your taste, but most of the items are still in good shape.

The store is located at 7700 I-45 North. You can get more information on the Consumer Blog.

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