Chase suspect's widow files suit

HOUSTON THE LAWSUIT: Read the entire lawsuit filed by Carnaby's wife

Three days after his death, so much of Roland Vincent Carnaby's life remains a mystery. Was he a CIA agent? Why didn't he pull over when chased by Houston police officers?

"I don't know why Mr. Carnaby did not pull over," said family attorney Randall Kallinen.

The high speed chase happened Tuesday, starting along the South Freeway at Orem and ending near the Galleria on the West Loop. The pursuit reached speeds of up to 120 miles an hour and lasted 50 minutes. All the while Roland Carnaby, 52, chose not to pull over, despite being chased by Houston police officers in marked patrol cars.

"This was a silly chase," Kallinen said. "They had his identification, he was guilty of only speeding at the most, yet they chased him for over 50 miles for what? For speeding?"

Kallinen, on behalf of Carnaby's widow, Susan, filed a lawsuit Friday in federal court, alleging Caranby's death was unjustified.

Specifically, "they, meaning police officers, shot him and then failed to provide medical treatment resulting in his death."

Preliminary findings by the Harris County Medical Examiers Office show Carnaby died of a gunshot wound to the torso. A private pathologist hired by Kallinen takes the conclusion a step further.

"He bled to death from direct effects of the gunshot wound," said Dr. Paul Radelat.

Dr. Radelat found evidence Carnaby was shot once in the back. Kallinen's lawsuit alleges Houston police used excessive force by breaking Carnaby's window and firing their weapons.

"When a person has his back to you, the officer can't be in reasonable objective fear for his life," Kallinen said.

Officials with the Houston Police Department tell Eyewitness News, the issue remains under investigation and there will be no public comment about the case.

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