Students achieve 100% first-time pass rate

HOUSTON When a student completes the College's PTA program they are required to take, and pass, the national board exams before they can practice as a PTA. "I think this is really great for our program to be producing these types of numbers. With an approximate national average of a 75 percent pass rate, I think our program is right where we want to be," said Carolyn Hoffman, San Jacinto College PTA department chair. "Though we typically have a 100 percent pass rate, or close to it, it makes it even better when our students can pass the exams on the first try."

The PTA program also assists its students in finding a career in the field. In fact, approximately 90 percent of the program's students typically will secure a job before they graduate. "From doing their affiliations, or clinical rotations, many times our students get hired on by those businesses. Others will already begin interviewing while they're in the program and secure a career that way," added Hoffman. "It's a feast market right now and a great time to get into the field."

When asked about the program, most of the students agreed it's the faculty that make to program stand out from the rest. "It's a very challenging program, but I know my professors genuinely want me to learn and apply the principles of physical therapy," said Misty Jones, a first-year San Jacinto College PTA student from Webster. "Not only do the professors want us to learn PTA principles, but they also want us to have a general knowledge of the entire medical field. It's not just a job to them, it's a passion."

One of the differences between San Jacinto College's PTA program and others is that it's part-time, which allows the students to focus on their course work. "Our students attend classes four days a week, four hours a day. This allows our students to continue working while going to school or, for those who aren't working, they can focus in on their studies," said Hoffman.

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