A lot of fight in this family

SUGAR LAND, TX The Lopez family is among tough competitors in the world of taekwondo, and they won't stop with this achievement. They want to win Olympic gold this summer.

"It's a dream come true, 2008 is our year."

A two-time Olympic gold medalist in taekwondo, Steven Lopez speaks for his siblings Diana and Mark, as well as their brother and coach, Jean. All of them are headed to the Olympics.

"It's the best feeling in the world to know that finally, we made history and, you know, we were able to realize our dreams," Jean Lopez said.

But the dream is not over yet.

"Our ultimate dream is to go to the Olympic Games and not just to participate but to win," Jean said.

In recent days, there are some seeking to make the world stage of the Olympics not one of sports but of politics. Protesters have followed the Olympic torch around the globe. You won't see the Lopez family among them.

"That's something for our diplomats to do, our ambassadors to do at the United Nations and those kinds of venues. So the Olympics, I believe, is sacred and pure," Mark Lopez said.

I'll extend myself and be friendly to them. And you know, I can maybe change people's perspectives or views of Americans, you know, one person at a time," Steven Lopez said.

There is a great deal of work ahead. For the moment, they are savoring the accomplishment.

"Pure joy, and a lot of pride. Just very thankful to God for giving me this opportunity and this opportunity to my family," Mark Lopez said.

"My mom and my dad always say, 'You know, we stick together, and if one of us wins, then we all win," Diana Lopez said.

The Lopez family will leave for Beijing about two weeks prior to the start of the Games in August.

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