New details in child molestation case

HUMBLE, TX One girl was kidnapped and assaulted, and another girl was targeted. And now the sheriff's department thinks the same man may be responsible for several burglaries in the Fall Creek subdivision in Humble.

Investigators believe that man may have left behind fingerprints when he burglarized some of the neighborhood's $300,000 homes. Now they hope that evidence helps them quickly solve this case.

Added attention and concern are apparent at a suburban bus stop a day after a predator chose this place to target children.

Parent Lelani Zaccheo said, "It's very scary. It's very frightening."

Lt. John Denholm with the Harris County Sheriff's Department believes there is good reason for fear. He considers the man who kidnapped a seven-year-old from a bus stop and sexually assaulted her to be very dangerous.

He said, "A guy like this can become emboldened by his success -- how he was able to lure a child into a car and then try to get another child. Maybe next time he'll go farther with that child."

Detectives think the man traveled with the little girl on Beltway 8 and finally stopped more than 30 miles away in Baytown, where he sexually assaulted her. He dropped her off, shirtless, outside the Bay Area Rehabilitation Center.

Mark Alexander, a center spokesperson, told Eyewitness News, "We hope that either for some reason he knew what Bay Area was, or simply he saw the playground out front and thought maybe that would be a good place to drop her off. I think the most important thing is that she was dropped off at a place where we were able to help her out."

As the healing process for the victim begins, neighbors are taking precautions.

"I just tell them that if they see anybody while they're outside playing, if I'm not inside, they're to come into the garage and go into the house," Zaccheo explained.

Sheriff's deputies are hunting for a predator. They sent DNA samples off for analysis and they're combing through sex offender registry profiles.

Lt. Denholm said, "We're looking for males of this specific age, and also victims around this age. Unfortunately, if they like little girls, they're always going to like little girls."

It's a terrifying thought for a community filled with young children. There are several homes for sale on the same block in the Fall Creek subdivision. That's where authorities believe the man hid while watching children get off the school bus.

Authorities describe him as a white man in his mid to late twenties. They say he has a short, military style haircut with light brown or dirty blond hair. Authorities believe he was driving a gold or light colored four-door sedan, possibly a Mitsubishi Galant. It has paper license plates and no hubcaps on the driver's side. Authorities believe this man is very dangerous, and they ask anyone with information to call the police.

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