Cameras used to catch criminals?

HOUSTON This technology has been around for a few years, but it hasn't been used for the purpose of catching some serious criminals. It's mainly just been used to catch people who breeze through the toll booths without paying.

Here's how the camera system would work. Officials with the Harris County Toll Road Authority will enter the license plate numbers of known suspects who have committed serious crimes against people, or who are involved in missing persons cases, like Amber Alerts. If the camera gets a match, it will send out an alert to law enforcement.

"The cameras are already there. It's just an addition to the current technology that's there to look for these types of vehicles that law enforcement requested us to do," said Calvin Harvey with the Harris County Toll Road Authority. "The entries are only going to be in there for a short time just to see whether or not they're using this system and therefore, we can rapidly apprehend these persons in these very serious crimes."

Currently, there are about two dozen cameras already in place. The Toll Road Authority is looking to install them in every lane at toll booths throughout Harris County. County commissioners are set to take a vote on this effort today.

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