Man wanted for pregnant woman's murder

HUNTSVILLE, TX The Walker County Sheriff's office asks you to take a good look at a picture they are releasing. They say it a picture of the prime suspect in the murder of /*Tierra Adams*/.

/*Neiriah Roberts*/ is about 5'8" tall and 220 pounds. He's described by authorities as having a stocky build and some facial hair.

Investigators have now secured an arrest warrant for Roberts. They have been unable to find him. They tell us cell phone records indicate Roberts made a phone call through a cell tower near the burial site where Tierra Adams' body was found. Detectives say they also now have other evidence that places Roberts at the site where Adams was buried.

Detectives say Roberts was last seen in the Houston area.

"That is the last place that he has been seen," said Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae. "We do know that he has purchased vehicle insurance in the Florida area. (His current location) is undetermined at this time."

If you have information which cal help authorities find Neiriah Roberts, you're asked to call the Walker County Sheriff's office at 936-435-2400.

Authorities took dental records of the victim up to the Dallas County Medical Examiner's office. Those dental records confirmed that the remains found are those of Tierra Adams. Her unborn baby was still inside her womb.

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