Activists on both sides claim protest victory

SPRING, TX Immigrant supporters said their protests prompted a group called US Border Watch to give up its protests against a day labor site along Steubner Airline near Louetta. The president of border watch told Eyewitness News they stopped protesting there to go after other day labor sites.

Dr David Michael Smith with United Front For Immigrant Rights said, "The fact remains that they are no longer here on Saturday mornings with 30 people bulletproof vests and handguns and so forth. They can't harass the workers anymore."

"We have successfully closed down two of the others in the city of Houston so we're not gone at all," said Curtis Collier President, U.S. Border Watch. "This is just a process of going through. We will get through to closing this one down and it will close down. It's just a matter of time."

The pro-immigrant activists said they will work with the day laborers to inform them of their legal rights.

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