Mid-rise condo building catches fire

HOUSTON It was just after 1:30am when fire crews were called to the Atrium Regency Condos near Chimney Rock and Glenmont. When they arrived, they found heavy smoke and fire on the roof of the seven-story building.

A second alarm was then called and crews started making sure everyone was out of the building. While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, the chief tells us the fire may have started with some roofing supplies that were on the roof.

"They have been talking about there being propane up on the roof. That sounds like to me that maybe there was a roofing job going on. Usually, that is the only time you have propane tanks on a building like this. They get up there. They take the propane tanks up there, the tar and all the other stuff they need to redo a roof. So that's what it sounds like," said Chief Jack Williams with the Houston Fire Department.

All of the residents made it out safely.

Arson investigators were on the scene this morning, trying to determine the actual cause of the fire.

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