Man found shot outside nightclub

HOUSTON It was around 2:30am when investigators were called to the El Paraiso Nite Club on Jensen and Berry. Police found the man inside a pickup truck.

When they first got the call, they thought they were responding to a traffic accident because the victim's truck had backed up into another truck. They found the victim slumped over inside of his truck, the victim of an apparent gunshot wound.

Investigators say they have no details on a possible suspect. They are hoping they can get some kind of clues from the victim's vehicle.

"At this point, the vehicle will be towed to our vehicle examination building and see if we can get any further information there," said Detective Patrick LaBlanc with the Houston Police Department. "There will be an autopsy on the victim as well and it's still under investigation."

Investigators say there were people in the area. There is a taco stand nearby where two women were working, but they have yet to find someone who saw the actual shooting. Authorities aren't sure if the victim was inside the club before he was shot.

Police are also looking in to a 911 call of shots being fire in the area so they are trying to figure out if that had anything to do with the victim.

The victim was transported to Ben Taub Hospital where he was declared dead.

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