Wildfires force residents from homes

DALLAS, TX No injuries were immediately reported, but up to 100 more residences were threatened in Dimmitt County in Southwest Texas from the fire covering 64,500 acres, said Lewis Kearney, spokesman for the Texas Forest Service.

Firefighters were also battling two fires in sparsely populated King County in West Texas. One covered about 10,000 acres, and the other about 9,000 acres.

In Pecos County, a wildfire about 25 miles south of Fort Stockton covered about 30,000 acres.

High winds and warm temperatures have made it an active time for firefighters in Texas.

About 460 Texas Forest Service workers, including logistical and support personnel, were called into action because of the fires. In Texas' wide-ranging rural areas, volunteer firefighters are the first responders, and they call in the Forest Service when they need help.

President Bush is making federal aid available to more than 70 percent of counties in Texas after wildfires spread across the state.

State officials said Saturday that more than 133,000 acres have burned since high temperatures and strong winds made Friday one of the worst for wildfires in recent years.

Texas Forest Service spokesman Rich Phelps called Friday "one of the top two or three" wildfire events in Texas since 2006.

Bush's emergency declaration authorizes federal aid and resources to 184 counties.

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