Thief leaves scout troop unprepared

HOUSTON That's what happened to members of Boy Scout Troop 900, who are trying to replace a stolen trailer that was filled with camping equipment. It was all caught on tape. It's a lesson these moms hoped their sons could have learned later -- that bad things can happen when you least expect. For Boy Scout troop 900, they became victims of a theft. Their trailer used to store camping equipment was stolen.

"There's nothing there that's of any value to anyone but us," said Amy Taylor of the troop. "How could they do that to a person?"

The crime was captured by surveillance cameras at Spring Woods Methodist Church. The trailer was parked in the back by a church shed.

"We looked at the video and saw someone back right up to the trailer, hook it up and drive off the parking lot onto 1960," said Pastor George Cathcart of Spring Woods Methodist Church.

What was stolen in minutes had taken these scouts year to accumulate.

"We really need that stuff for camping," said Andrew Willson, 13. "We need our lanterns and our tables, because sometimes you don't have tables at the camp grounds."

The troop believes it will take awhile to replace the gear.

"Months if not years," said Dylan Taylor, 16. "We've been selling and working community service to get some money."

A Boy Scout troop from Tomball donated a trailer but it's the stuff inside that will be difficult to replace. A challenge these scouts say they'll meet, but it's their mothers who have a few choice words for the thief.

"Shame on you, this is ridiculous," she said.

Anyone who wants to donate can call 281-974-9982.

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