Campaign trail heads back to Houston

February 27, 2008 9:11:03 PM PST
The campaign trail runs through Houston again today after the final Democratic debate before the crucial primaries in Texas and Ohio. Houston again takes center stage in the Democratic race for the White house. Former President Bill Clinton is back in the Bayou City, campaigning for his wife. But Barack Obama is pulling out a political big gun as well.

That big gun for Obama is Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Senator Robert Kennedy, she's in Houston today as well.

There are a lot of supporters already gathering for the arrival of the Kennedy family. She is coming to town to drum up more support for Barack Obama.

President Bill Clinton was in southwest Houston rallying support for his wife Hillary. He was an hour late to this morning's gathering. It was one of four stops he is making in Houston.

When he did take the stage he talked about last night's debate in Ohio. He discussed Hillary's plan on dealing with the war and how to bring troops home, education and healthcare. He spent a bit time talking about how her health plan would work and that may be the deciding factor for a lot of voters.

"If you don't have insurance or you don't like what you've got ? you can buy into the plan that insures members of congress and their families, federal employees and their families. If it is good enough for my family ? it is good enough for yours," said former President Bill Clinton.

"I'm a nurse and I like her health care plan. I liked what former President Clinton said about her plan for education because I think that is a real problem here in the United States," said Clinton supporter Kristin Ownby.

"I have a split household, I'm for Hillary and my husband started out being for Barack," said Clinton supporter Vernia Smith-Gause. "This morning he told me he wasn't sure about Barack. He told me he was looking for someone that will have that experience and he wasn't sure if Barack had it."

Obama's people are looking for way to keep the momentum going and that is one of the reasons for Kennedy's visit to Houston. She is set to have a community gathering at the Obama headquarters at 3710 Travis.

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