Man couldn't save dog from house fire

January 18, 2008 3:19:46 PM PST
A family lost their dog and everything they own in a fire, but they say there's always room for a new beginning.The fire, which started just before noon, quickly consumed the small wooden house on Jensen at Campbell near downtown. Toby Johnson says he was next door at his mother-in-law's house and saw the smoke. He ran back over and tried to kick in the door to save the dog, but the fire was too intense.

Johnson says he's thankful his wife and three-year-old daughter weren't inside at the time.

"I just thank the lord we made it out of there safe and it didn't happen at night while we were asleep," Johnson said.

The family says they don't know how the fire started. Johnson and his wife had recently moved in, but the house has been in the family for 20 years.

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