14 apps teens are using that parents should know about

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Thursday, April 11, 2019
Police department warns parents to keep an eye on their children's apps
Police department warns parents to keep an eye on their children's apps

Parenting teens can be a challenge and the prevalence of social media and tech in most kids' lives makes it much more important for parents to be aware of what their kids are up to.

Smartphones and social networking apps have introduced a whole new dimension to what parents have to stay on top of. While most parents are up to date on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, there are new networking apps launching every day.

Authorities posted a warning to parents on Facebook, showing them a few apps they should stay ahead of.


This app is similar to the Tinder app, but it requires women to make the first contact. Kids have been known to use this app to create false profiles and false ages.


A video chat app that allows users to meet people from all over the world. Many users say they've been confronted with racial slurs and explicit content while using the app.


An app that promises users that they can take a video or photo that will disappear in 24 hours. The app also allows users to see your exact location.


This app looks like a calculator but functions like a secret photo vault.

Live Me

A live streaming video app that uses geolocation to share videos so users can find broadcasters exact location.


A free online chat website that promotes chatting anonymously to strangers.


This app is designed to allow teens to flirt with each other in a Tinder-like atmosphere.


An anonymous app where the creators promote sharing secrets and meeting new people.


Ask an anonymous question and get an answer. This app has been linked to the most severe forms of cyberbullying.

Hot or Not

Strangers rate your profile. The goal is to lead to a hookup.

Burn Book

People post anonymous rumors about others through audio messages, texts, and photos.


An app that allows users to compare kids against each other and rate them on a scale.


A messaging app. Kik has built apps and web content that can be filtered on your home computer.


Many kids are now creating fake accounts to hide content from their parents. Kids also like to text using Instagram because messages are deleted once the user leaves the conversation.