Were you affected by Tuesday's tornado? Here's where you can find shelter after some reach capacity

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Thursday, January 26, 2023
Here's where you can find available shelter after destructive tornado
Were you affected by Tuesday's tornado? American Red Cross volunteers are helping victims find shelters in Pasadena, Deer Park, South Belt, and Baytown areas.

The community has seen the damage and devastation across Pasadena, Deer Park, South Belt, and Baytown areas.

In the middle of all the unexpected destruction, we also see people being helped.

On Wednesday night, Eyewitness News was outside Baker Ripley, where the shelter is at capacity as the Red Cross helps folks there.

At the root of it, the good hearts of Texans are shining through in the middle of such an unprecedented time.

American Red Cross volunteers prepped a room at Revive Church on Wednesday afternoon to take in as many as 150 people who may need a place to sleep after the devastation of severe weather and Tuesday's powerful tornado.

"Us being there for them is a little bit of hope that we can help you rebuild," Red Cross spokesperson, Vanessa Valdez, said.

Valdez said they were forced to open a second location after they saw an overflow of need at the BakerRipley shelter. That shelter is at capacity as they help 44 people.

"They can stay overnight. They can stay for as many nights as needed," Nicole Brunson, Memorial Baptist Church director of connections, said.

Memorial Baptist Church, down the street from the two Red Cross shelters, has also opened its doors.

They are ready to house 45 people and have beds, showers, and food.

Outside of BakerRipley, on Wednesday night, volunteers with the Hunger Truck provided dozens of free meals. It's something they always do in our area as a mission to ensure everyone is fed with a warm meal.

"They were forced into a position where they don't have what they need. It feels good to be able to redistribute the resources we're provided with," Haitham Bnissa, Hunger Truck volunteer, said.

Survivors of the storm like Juan Valadez, who we met on Tuesday night outside of Beamer Place Apartments, said they're thankful for all the resources being provided to help them after they've lost it all.

His unit was destroyed during the storm. But he has found a new place 24 hours after losing it all. He said apartments near Beamer Apartments have stepped up in solidarity with the victims and have waived fees and deposits to expedite the move-in process.

He said he'll be able to move into the nearby apartment on Thursday after being told by management at Beamer Place it could take weeks or months before they have answers for residents.

Valadez told ABC13 he may not have much right now because the roof of his apartment collapsed, but he said he at least now has a place to live while he figures everything else out.

Locations to seek shelter, food and resources:

  • BakerRipley Red Cross Shelter: 720 Fairmont Parkway
  • Revive Church Red Cross Shelter: 1062 Fairmont Parkway
  • Memorial Baptist Church providing shelter: 6901 Fairmont Parkway

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