Fisherman caught 6-foot-long alligator gar in Houston's Brays Bayou

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When we tell stories of a massive fish catch, usually it's someone several miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

Well, how about an alligator gar, coming in about 6 feet long and 130 pounds, inside the 610 Loop?

Alex Sosa reeled in the big gar while fishing on Brays Bayou in November 2021. He had his 16-foot john boat on a section of the bayou in the greater East End, near the Gus Wortham Golf Course.

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This video is too cute not to watch.

Now as for the haul, Sosa says the bait he was using was a big buffalo head. So when he got a bite, he knew it was a big fish.

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"Between the time that the fish picked up the bait and getting the fish onto the boat, I believe it was about 30 minutes," Sosa recalled.

His adventures on Brays Bayou near downtown have also netted him catfish, carp, some species of flounder, redfish and even shrimp.

Sosa says he released the alligator gar back into Brays Bayou, as he does with all his catches.

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