Baytown mom turns grief of daughter's death into community blessing with Alicia's Blessing Box

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024
Baytown mother turns grief into community blessing: 'I miss her'
Roxanna Barragan's life changed in 2023 after her daughter died in a drowning accident. Since then, she's turned her grief into a community blessing.

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- A Baytown mother's journey with grief has led her toward a path she never imagined. She lost her daughter in a drowning accident in 2023, and now she is helping the less fortunate in her community in honor of her daughter.

Remembering a painful day in her life, Roxanna Barragan talked about the day her 22-month-old Alicia Maria Jimenez died in a drowning accident. That day in 2023 forever changed her life.

"It still (doesn't) feel real right now," she said.

But one day, looking at a pile of diapers she would never use, she said, "Let's give them away to someone who needs them." Before she knew it, Alicia's Blessing Box came to life.

"I built it with a saw and a drill and three different boxes of nails," she explained.

She admits this new venture made her nervous, and she doubted herself, but her church community, neighbors, and strangers have been helping her keep this box nice and full. Alicia's Blessing Box sits right in front of her home at 1003 East James Avenue in Baytown.

"That's a blessing," resident Amy Oxford said. "There is no limit to what you need and how often you can come."

"It feels good, and it feels sad," Barragan said. "I miss her. It reminds me why I do this."

Barragan's faith has kept her family together. Out of pain and loss, hope has sprouted.

You can follow Alicia's Blessing Box on Facebook, that's where the community comes together to help each other. Barragan is currently working on setting up a nonprofit organization hoping to take this to the next level.

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