'It's a wild thing' Action 13 happens upon New Caney community with dental-mold filled potholes

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Saturday, May 27, 2023
Pothole filled with dental molds fixed with help from Action 13
According to a resident in the area, he has suspicions about who is responsible for the DIY road repair job. That someone just happens to live in the area and works in the dental p

NEW CANEY, Texas (KTRK) -- A story with some bite to it that you can only see on ABC13.

A New Caney neighborhood has been plagued with dreaded potholes, only to fill them with something other than asphalt: dental mold.

But after a few calls by Eyewitness News, what was there has been adequately replaced.

A viewer who asked to remain anonymous contacted ABC13 about the dental mold-filled potholes on Friday. He said they had existed on Comer Reinhart Road, a road behind a new subdivision, for years.

Levi Heasley lives in the subdivision and tells us the potholes formed due to the construction.

ABC13 contacted Montgomery County Precinct 4 Commissioner Matt Gray's Office. They said they were still determining if Comer Reinhart was a county road but planned to send a road work crew out to evaluate.

ABC13 captured when a crew arrived, removed the molds, and filled the holes with asphalt within an hour of the call.

"It's a wild thing to dump there, but if you've got a bunch of extra molds, " Levi Heasley said. He had his suspicions as to who may.

"To me, it's kind of obvious," he explained.

Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle told ABC13 his department spoke with a dental professional who owns property running along the fence. He did not deny dumping the molds but said the road was also his property - something the county was working to verify.

"Someone who had that material must have felt they were helping, I guess," Carlisle explained.

Gray's office told ABC13 the last time they received a complaint about the road was in 2017. That complaint was not pothole-related.

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