Ted Oberg
Eyewitness News Reporter Ted Oberg thinks he has the greatest job in local news anywhere. His Ted Oberg Investigates reports air on our 6 & 10 O'Clock newscasts and strive to look beyond telling you what happened today. We hope they tell you why things are happening in your community and let you in on the secrets those in power want to keep to themselves. We give Ted more time to research and report topics that need a little extra explanation. Whether it's a political race or a breaking news story there are always reasons why things unfold the way they do and that is what his Ted Oberg Investigates pieces strives to explain.

Ted's been in Houston since 2001. He and his wife, Krista have 3 wonderful daughters. After 10 years in the wonderful Houston Heights, they now live in The Woodlands.

Ted's Stories
Houston water tester in 2019: We were told to falsify water samples
You're told that the water that you drink has been tested and is safe. But an ABC13 investigation uncovered allegations of a plan to get around state testing for chlorine in certain parts of Houston -- chlorine that is needed to kill bacteria in water pipes.
13 Investigates the $18 million transportation app you paid for
Despite millions of taxpayer dollars going toward developing a transportation app, it only has about 3,800 active users, data released to 13 Investigates shows.
Houston's noise ordinance 'not working,' say residents, bars
13 Investigates found just one percent of calls from residents complaining about loud noise end up with a citation issued.
Displaced college senior Turns to Ted for $2,500 refund from Airbnb
Within days of moving into his Airbnb while working an internship in Dallas, a college senior received an eviction notice. From there, things didn't get easier, despite the calls to Airbnb.
13 Investigates: Decade-high inmate deaths just one concern at Harris Co. jail
As the Harris County Jail population surpasses 10,000 inmates, 13 Investigates what's happening that led to a woman giving birth alone in her cell and another dying of a diabetes complication.
Houston woman Turns to Ted for help with new washer
When the new washer she bought didn't work properly, a Houston woman Turned to Ted.
13 Investigates: HFD short on available ambulances 84% of 2022
13 Investigates found Houston Fire Department EMS is low on ambulance availability a third of the day.
Humble homeowners waiting for windows Turn to Ted
An Humble family needed new windows, but when they couldn't see through delays and disappointments, they Turned to Ted.
Freeport mom Turns to Ted after air conditioning stopped cooling
A Freeport mom Turned to Ted after her AC stopped cooling during what went on record as the hottest July in Southeast Texas.
Widow tired of calls for business says Ed's Cycle Shop is closed
After her husband closed his motorcycle repair business and later passed away, a Brazoria woman kept getting calls for Ed's Cycle Shop, so she Turned to Ted.