Ted Oberg
Eyewitness News Reporter Ted Oberg thinks he has the greatest job in local news anywhere. His Ted Oberg Investigates reports air on our 6 & 10 O'Clock newscasts and strive to look beyond telling you what happened today. We hope they tell you why things are happening in your community and let you in on the secrets those in power want to keep to themselves. We give Ted more time to research and report topics that need a little extra explanation. Whether it's a political race or a breaking news story there are always reasons why things unfold the way they do and that is what his Ted Oberg Investigates pieces strives to explain.

Ted's been in Houston since 2001. He and his wife, Krista have 3 wonderful daughters. After 10 years in the wonderful Houston Heights, they now live in The Woodlands.

Ted's Stories
Woman Turns to Ted for refund help after winter storm canceled trip
A woman had to cancel her trip to Denver during the winter storm, but when she couldn't get a refund from Airbnb or the host, she Turned to Ted.
Homeowners pause construction while Houston and GLO fight over Hurricane Harvey program
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and the Texas General Land Office continue to disagree on how to help residents when rebuilding their homes.
13 Investigates: Texas mass shootings jump 65% this year as violence continues
13 Investigates analysis of gun violence data shows mass shootings are up 65% in Texas this year and up 21% across the nation.
13 Investigates: Harris County district judges held just 113 trials during pandemic despite backlog
A 13 Investigates analysis found that despite 90,257 backlogged cases, the 22 judges elected to oversee serious crimes held only 113 trials during the pandemic.
13 Investigates: Likely $6 million in COVID-19 vaccine wasted
Over 363,000 vaccines were wasted in Texas since December, meaning taxpayers could be spending millions in waste, 13 Investigates found.
Fire union boss gets city of Houston job back after arbitrator rules in his favor
Marty Lancton was fired back in January, but an arbitrator said the city was wrong to do it. He is also due back pay.
Texas House Republicans vote to track down absent Democrats and arrest them
The arrest warrant tells the sergeant at arms and Texas DPS to arrest state representatives who broke quorum and bring them back.
Undercover deputies cooperating with 'ongoing' FBI probe at Precinct 1 Constable's Office
13 Investigates has learned the female employees suing Constable Alan Rosen and two employees are cooperating with an active FBI investigation into allegations of wrongdoing, according to their attorney.
Violent crime rates continue to spike across Houston, while number of officers on patrol shrinks
The 13 Investigates team took a dive into crimes reported in Houston this year and compared the data to determine where more officers are needed in the city.
Texas rebuilds Kingwood family's home 4 years after Hurricane Harvey: 'It's done'
The family temporarily moved out of their home until repairs could be made, but help never came. Now, they have keys to a new, elevated home.