Ted Oberg
Eyewitness News Reporter Ted Oberg thinks he has the greatest job in local news anywhere. His Ted Oberg Investigates reports air on our 6 & 10 O'Clock newscasts and strive to look beyond telling you what happened today. We hope they tell you why things are happening in your community and let you in on the secrets those in power want to keep to themselves. We give Ted more time to research and report topics that need a little extra explanation. Whether it's a political race or a breaking news story there are always reasons why things unfold the way they do and that is what his Ted Oberg Investigates pieces strives to explain.

Ted's been in Houston since 2001. He and his wife, Krista have 3 wonderful daughters. After 10 years in the wonderful Houston Heights, they now live in The Woodlands.

Ted's Stories
13 Investigates 'safer ways' for homeless to get mental health, addiction help
Over the last two years, The Harris Center has diverted 3,065 people away from jail and into treatment for mental health and addiction.
Family warns ignoring homeless could lead to 'another body in the morgue'
13 Investigates the 106 homeless deaths in Harris Co. this year. The family of one man tells us, "They're mentally ill... They may be sick. They die on the street."
Cash App complaints on the rise as scams pose as customer service
Cash App customers are encountering scams after calling a fraudulent customer service number.
Murder count up to 6 in 3 days as Houston police fight to stop the spike
The murder rate in Houston in 2020 is 45% higher than the rate at the same time last year.
13 Investigates: How nearly 350 murders this year impacts victims and solving crimes
Houston's homicide numbers are at levels HPD says it hasn't had to deal with in decades.
No refund after COVID-19 cancels concert so family Turns to Ted
Tuan Vo had been fighting to get his refund for five months by the time he turned to Ted for help. Here's how Ted helped.
13 Investigates HISD technology vendor's 'unacceptable' performance
Emails between HISD and ItsLearning outline frustrations between the company and the district, as students had a hard time logging on.
There are 'verified facts' of illegally cast ballots in states with disputed vote counts, Texas Gov. Abbott claims
In an interview with ABC13, Gov. Greg Abbott also claimed instances of votes cast by dead people are emerging in states set for recounts.
13 Investigates: City, county contact tracing program shows dramatic improvement
If you get a call, text or email from the Houston Health Department, please respond. It could help save a life.
13 Investigates: Harris County areas with low turnout, flipped precincts
Nearly 80,000 Harris County voters live in precincts where the majority vote changed from Democrat to Republican or vice versa this year.