Ted Oberg
Eyewitness News Reporter Ted Oberg thinks he has the greatest job in local news anywhere. His Ted Oberg Investigates reports air on our 6 & 10 O'Clock newscasts and strive to look beyond telling you what happened today. We hope they tell you why things are happening in your community and let you in on the secrets those in power want to keep to themselves. We give Ted more time to research and report topics that need a little extra explanation. Whether it's a political race or a breaking news story there are always reasons why things unfold the way they do and that is what his Ted Oberg Investigates pieces strives to explain.

Ted's been in Houston since 2001. He and his wife, Krista have 3 wonderful daughters. After 10 years in the wonderful Houston Heights, they now live in The Woodlands.

Ted's Stories
Man with warrant round-up notice for decades-old seat belt ticket Turns to Ted
He got a warrant round-up notice nearly 20 years after allegedly not wearing a seat belt. What did he do next? He Turned to Ted.
HPD chief says shortage of officers won't 'correct itself overnight'
HPD chief responds to 13 Investigates analysis showing 700 crimes reported at a south Houston apartment in the last 15 months and the shortage of officers.
13 Investigates: Crime reported every 7 hours in this Houston neighborhood
13 Investigates analyzed every incident reported to Houston police since January 2020 to find the most crime-ridden neighborhoods.
Mayor says police reform comes next week, but assurances made before
Despite recommendations that video of HPD officer-involved incidents be released, the public has yet to see the video of recent incidents.
Pot cases down, confusion up after pot law change
13 Investigates analyzed pot possession cases in Harris County and the surrounding area before and after the hemp law went into effect in 2019.
Houston 'family man' sues GOP activist Hotze after 'violent' traffic stop
In a new lawsuit, an A/C man alleges a longtime GOP activist approved of a private investigator's actions in a "bizarre and unfounded" voter fraud investigation.
New HPD chief says he's always thinking about what he can do better
As a native Houstonian raised on the city's southwest side, Troy Finner said he knows how important it is to build trust within the community.
Dozens of guns seized daily as violent crime 'never stops'
With violent crime on the rise in Houston, dozens of guns are seized every day. 13 Investigates takes you inside the crime lab whose work helps lead to arrests.
Troy Finner approved to become next Houston police chief
Houston City Council voted unanimously to approve Mayor Turner's handpicked successor to Art Acevedo.
Range of emotions marks Chief Art Acevedo's HPD briefing after exit announced
The chief's trademark emotions were on display during a briefing that took place after his departure was announced.