Brittaney Wilmore
Brittaney Wilmore is a digital producer and has been at KTRK since 2017.

A Houston native and proud University of Houston alum (Go Coogs!), Brittaney first discovered her love for journalism in a class with Mrs. Hodges at Cinco Ranch High School. But if you want to throw it back even further, Brittaney was introduced to the world of news anchors and reporting after delivering a book report in the 6th grade and learning about Katie Couric.

Since then, Brittaney has spent time learning more about the industry, devouring Oprah episodes (though, Brittaney can't give away cars. Sorry!) and has met some awesome people along the way.

Brittaney attended Houston Community College, where she got to soak up as much as she could in the TV department, getting the opportunity to learn everything from editing to videography.

Brittaney loves fashion, travel, French culture and language, musicals and watching classic movies. But she also loves the Marvel Cinematic Universe, anything to do with comics, watching Astros baseball games with her dad and adding to an extensive list of books to read.

Catch her weekdays with the morning team! She's extremely honored to serve the community through ABC13 and doesn't take the opportunity lightly to be here.

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