How downtown Rosenberg got its vibrant art scene

ROSENBERG (KTRK) -- On a rainy day, months into the COVID19 pandemic, sculptor Richard Jarvis creates.

"I can think about things. When I was sculpting this last Saturday, I had a friend that was just informed that his wife was diagnosed with cancer," Jarvis said. "When you're sculpting, you can give a lot of in depth thought and prayer."

He's one of many artists at the Fort Bend Art Center.

The facility has been closed to visitors since mid-March, but some artists have been teaching virtual classes.

"Honestly, we feel like we have just kind of reinvented the wheel every couple of weeks as things have changed," explained Brenda Bowman, the president of Art League of Fort Bend. "We have an older population. We are 100 percent run by volunteers, so we've taken a lot of precautions."

She says staff plan to open to visitors on July 3rd.

If you'd like a virtual tour, go here:
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