Custody hearing underway for kids left at HFD station

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Authorities are still searching for relatives of two small children left behind by their mother at Houston fire station.

The two boys, ages 14 months and 3 years, were unharmed. According to the Houston Fire Department, their mother had gotten into a fight near HFD Station 73 on Wilcrest with the father of one of the boys. He told her he didn't want the children anymore.

The mother, with a stroller and baby bag in tow, then went to the fire station and told firefighters she was overwhelmed and couldn't take care of the boys either. Firefighters called police and CPS. The mother eventually left. Officers were able to find her and bring her back to the fire station, but the children were distressed the whole time.

"The firefighters tried to make the experience as comfortable as possible. It was a traumatic experience most definitely," said Houston Fire Department's Kenyatta Parker. "You take any child out of a mother's arms or grasp and they're going to lose it. That's what they did. So in true firefighter form, we found some teddy bears in the fire station to make it as easy as possible considering the situation."

Firefighters also gave the kids water and snacks.

Police took the mother and children to CPS. Workers are trying to locate relatives the boys can stay with while they question the mother.

Texas has a Safe Haven or Baby Moses Law, which allows parents to leave babies 60 days or younger at any fire station, hospital or EMS station across the state without facing legal repercussions. Neither child fits that criteria.

It's unclear whether the mother will face criminal charges.
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