Strangers help save dog struck in hit-and-run

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- A dog that was the victim of a hit-and-run is back home with his family - thanks to the generosity of strangers.

Dwayne Blackman is a little boy who loves his dog Sammi.

"They're always together - all they do is play together, they even play video games together," said Stephanie Bolger, mother.

Bolger says Dwayne was extremely shy and struggled to communicate until Sammi joined the family and changed everything.

"My son hardly talked when he was little. He knows how to talk but he doesn't open up to too many people. When we got the dog, he turned into a whole different kid," said Bolger.

But a few days ago the 2-year-old Lhasa Apso was in great danger.

"He snuck out a couple days ago and he got hit by a car and someone just left him there," said Bolger.

Badly wounded, the family didn't think their four legged friend was going to live.

They took Sammi to the ACCT Philadelphia shelter thinking they would have to give him up because they could not afford his medical care.

Dwayne was heartbroken that he might lose his best friend.

But that night at the shelter, a group called Tiny Paws Rescue was there and overheard how tough it was for the family to give Sammi up.

"I did see the family come in after Sammi was hit with the car - they were so distraught with leaving him there," said Kim Astringer, Tiny Paws Rescue.

So the directors of Tiny Paws Rescue stepped in and made sure Sammi got x-rays.

It showed that he had a bad hip dislocation and needed surgery to remove his hip joint.

Tiny Paws Rescue called a vet they work with - Woodburne Animal Clinic in Levittown. They agreed to do the surgery and saved Sammi's life.

It's news that makes little Dewayne more than happy.

"We wanted to get Sammi back home with his family because he was not eating or sleeping when he was away," said Nicole Ennis, Tiny Paws Rescue.

A happy reunion for Sammi and a family that loves him dearly

"It feels great that somebody can pay it forward and help people," said Bolger.
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