Avoid costly repairs by winterizing your sprinkler system

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- With temperatures expected to drop near freezing this week, sprinkler and pipe repair experts are explaining how to protect your equipment and avoid costly repairs.

Southwest Irrigation Systems technician Brad Greer said many homeowners suffered losses during previous near-freezing temperature drops.

"I did, personally myself, 70 to 75 repairs on (pressure vacuum breakers) because it snuck up on us," Greer said. "Nobody winterized. Nobody took the time to do it. We had a lot of breakage."

Winterizing your sprinkler system doesn't take long. Greer says don't worry about the ground sprinklers. It's the valve component you need to focus on.

First, turn off the shut off valve. Then, with the component next to your house, siphon the water and turn your intake valve parallel, and move the outtake valve 45 degrees.

If you don't, frozen water can destroy the parts inside and cost you a $400 repair.

"What you have is the insides are broken," Greer said. "Then you have to call a professional for that. There's a couple ways you can fix it with a kit, or back flow device."

You can also cover your system with a trash can to keep it warm, but avoid using a towel, because it can soak, causing a bigger issue.

"Once you do this, you're okay," Greer said. "If you don't, you might be seeing us in the future."

With temperatures expected to remain at, or below freezing, these tips will help you save money and protect keep yourself safe.
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