'Nashville' beauty secrets to steal

We all wonder what tools and tricks it takes to make celebrities perfect their look, but when it comes to beauty products - don't expect the stars of ABC'S hit show, Nashville to have an array of products. They all believe less is more!

Aubrey Peeples keeps the major beauty routine for her character, Layla. In real life, Peeples keeps it simple when it comes to her beauty regimen. Her favorite product happens to be soap! She uses African black soap that she gets at Whole Foods.

Black soap is made from the ash of plantains, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves and shea tree bark. It's use to heal the skin, especially acne and eczema-prone skin and also helps with fine lines and dark spots.

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Clare Bowen, who plays Scarlett, says her secrets to great skin are sleep, lots of water, and a good moisturizer and that's what she's willing to splurge on. She prefers La Mer and Environ skincare lines.

Chris Carmack, who plays Will, prefers a scruffy face and a low maintenance routine, but when he has to clean up, he uses Crew Hair Paste to style his hair, and while he prefers to remain under an umbrella, when he's out in the element, he always wears sunscreen. He keeps it budget-friendly with Cetaphil UVA/UVB Sunscreen that you can get right at the drugstore.

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Don't expect Chip Esten to know his know his beauty products. Just like his character, Deacon, a rugged, no-frill lifestyle is how he lives, though he's thinking an anti-aging moisturizer might be in his future.
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