The Roughnecks Danielle Lee blazing a trail for other women

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Friday, April 7, 2023
Meet the female executive for the Houston Roughnecks
Danielle Lee, the only female executive for the Houston Roughnecks, is making a big impact.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Roughnecks Director of Team Operations, Danielle Lee, has football in her blood.

Her father, Larry, played offensive line in the NFL for 10 years. After his retirement, he was VP of Football Operations for the Detroit Lions. Danielle's football education with her dad started at an early age.

"I would go to training camp with him, I would be in his office all the time. I didn't realize at that age I was watching amazing football. I saw Barry Sanders make 2000 yards. Being around him everyday I learned to scout, he taught me how to do contracts, to negotiate" Danielle said.

She earned her Sports Management degree from UMASS Amherst followed by an MBA. She would jump back into football first in the NFL office then at ESPN.

Danielle learned a lot at a very fast pace, "I was thrown stuff everyday at the league office. I Loved it, it helped me" she said.

Now Danielle is working and learning from one of football's best, Wade Phillips.

"He'll come to me and ask what do you think about this guy? What do you think about this, I'll give him a little but he's the boss" Danielle said.

In a male dominated sport, Danielle is proud to be setting an example for other young women.

"I hope I can I pull another little girl up with me."