13 Unsolved: The Murdered & The Missing

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Friday, October 23, 2020
13 UNSOLVED Special: The Missing & Murdered
ABC13's Courtney Fischer's gripping report on the victims, the investigations and how they still haunt detectives years later.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Right now, there are 750 people missing from the Houston area. Women 35 years-old or younger make up one-third of that number. But you've never heard of most of them-because, their stories don't make headlines. They are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives.

When Hope Ann Moore vanished, it didn't make news. She disappeared 21 years ago, leaving behind a husband who detectives think knows more than he's letting on.

Princess Blue is the woman with no name-just a set of bones and a class ring found on the side of the road. Someone missed her. Someone knew what happened.

Audrey Lee Cook was murdered and dumped in the infamous Texas Killing Fields.

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When no one cares, these missing women go unreported and the cases go unsolved.

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