12 strays of Christmas: Pets wanting a home for the pawlidays

HOUSTON -- As we enter the holiday season, there are animals all over Houston with just one Christmas wish in their heart: to find a forever home. Click on their names to see their full profile.

  1. Need a snuggle buddy? Meet Lincoln!
  2. Lincoln loves to snuggle with humans and even other dogs. This 2-year-old bulldog mix is also potty trained and doesn't chew anything that isn't his. Lincoln may make a good therapy and support dog because he is so mellow and laid back.

  3. Want a playful puppy? Meet Ethan
  4. Ethan is the second biggest out of the litter and is a big ole baby! He is one of the most playful out of the litter and is super adventurous.

  5. Love TSwift's Meredith? Meet Cecily!
  6. Look at that face and those ears! Cecily was the smallest of her litter and is very gentle. She is friendly with humans and likes to curl up on your lap. She gets on well with her siblings and with all the other cats in her foster home.

  7. Despite everything he's been through, Rocky has a lot of love in his heart
  8. Rocky had an embedded collar in his neck. He was scared, hurting, and in need of TLC. After just a few weeks in an foster home, Rocky has already started to show his true personality. He is such a sweet and happy dog despite everything he's been through. He loves to sun bathe and roll in the grass. He gets along great with his foster sisters and loves to run in the backyard playing with them.

  9. Looking for a dog great with kids? Meet Monica!
  10. Monica is a calm and loving 2-year-old Boxer mix. She is great on the leash and completely potty trained. Her foster mom says she would be a great dog for kids to grow up with.

  11. Looking for a fuzzball? Meet Fernando!
  12. This gray fuzzball is a very sweet little guy who loves to be in his human's lap. The 2-month-old Domestic Medium Hair/Mix is looking for his forever home. Could it be with you?

  13. Want a dog that will play dress up? Meet Oscar!
  14. He may have an "old soul" face, but this guy isn't even three yet! He gets along with dogs and cats, doesn't shed and best of all, he's completely potty-trained. He's a good sport and even lets his foster family dress him up for the holidays.

  15. Need a running buddy? Meet Joplin!
  16. This 4-year-old Pug mix is looking for the Bobby McGee to her Joplin. After all the holiday food, she'll help you workout. She is pretty athletic and can keep pace when her foster takes her out for a run. She's also great with humans of all sizes.

  17. Looking for a dog-friendly cat? Meet Hailey!
  18. Hailey is an extremely sweet, affectionate, and people-oriented kitten. She loves to be held and carried around the house. Her favorite place to sleep is in anyone's lap, or being held in their arms. Whenever she sees her foster mom, she rolls over on her back, waiting to get belly rubs. Hailey is comfortable around small children, cat-friendly dogs, and other cats.

  19. Have young kids wanting a dog? Meet Boris!
  20. This 6-year-old Lab mix is very sweet, calm, and obedient. Walking him is easy, and he even walks well with his human foster brother. He adores being around kids and other dogs, so he would make an incredible family member for any size family.

  21. Looking for a lap dog? Meet Francine!
  22. It's a good thing she's so tiny because this Chihuahua mix loves to sit on your lap! This 3-year-old loves to relax, eat and watch Netflix with you.

  23. Want a chatty kitty? Meet Alfie!
  24. This young Domestic Shorthair/Mix is very chatty and is learning to be a lap cat. He wants to be with his person at all times, and chirp at you when he sees you. He also loves head scratches. Bring him home with you and let him show you his sweet gentleness.

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