Police: Vicious Baytown bar attack uncommon

Police are asking for public help in finding several men who beat a man with a tire iron at the Limelight Club in Baytown on Saturday (KTRK)
May 7, 2014 3:29:04 PM PDT
Detectives are still working hard to recover surveillance video of a vicious attack on two men outside a Baytown bar over the weekend.

Some technical issues kept police back here from releasing video of that brutal assault as they hoped Wednesday. But detectives say they need to get those images out so they can quickly get the unknown attackers off the streets.

"We're still working on the video surveillance," Baytown Police Department detective E. Elizondo said.

It's been a busy day for Baytown police. Detectives say they're working around the clock, trying hard to download the surveillance video of a gang of men using crowbars or tire irons to brutally attack Eric Saenz and his friend Rigoberto Garza outside the Limelight Bar on State Highway 146 late Saturday night.

"We have not had any incidents like this at a bar, especially at this bar, where there's four to six guys who assault one or two guys," Elizondo said.

Elizondo says he's hoping surveillance video they're now collecting will be key in identifying the attackers who left the victims bloody and unconscious in the bar's back parking lot.

On Tuesday, Saenz showed Eyewitness News the stitches and black and blue bruises covering his body from repeated kicks and blows from the metal tool.

"They didn't stop. After we were on the ground, they still continued to beat us," Saenz said.

Police say they still have no idea what motivated the savage attack that nearly killed victim Garza. He's still in the hospital with broken skull fragments in his brain. His wife says the father of four can no longer speak and can't walk on his own right now.

"We have 4 daughters. I mean my babies don't know the severity. They want to see their daddy and he wants to see his girls, but I can't do that to them, and I can't do that to him," Garza's wife, Angelica Garza, said.

Police say the quicker they can get video of the assault out to the public? they quicker they can arrest the violent attackers.

"At this point we have nothing we have nowhere to go. We're trying to get some help for the family and also catch these guys before they hurt someone else," Elizondo said.

Detectives say the video also shows the red older model Dodge pickup they believe the criminals were driving that night. They say it will be available to the public very soon.

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