Man journals 12-week weight loss transformation

He looked in the mirror at 237 pounds and wanted his 175-pound body back, so he did just that (KTRK)
May 6, 2014 6:02:03 AM PDT
Tyrone Mayo used to be a ripped 175 pounds.

"What I would call the most fit I had been in life. You are able to do more with your kids. It's pretty amazing," Mayo described his healthy life.

But then the 34-year-old decided to treat himself to a week of eating whatever he wanted. That snowballed into three months with little to no working out.

"One week turned into two, which turned into a month, which brought us around to Thanksgiving, which lead to the holidays. It got bad really fast," he said.

Last New Years he was up about 40-50 pounds. Enough was enough -- he designed a game plan and made a decision to stick to it.

"Once you make the decision, it's diet. A large percentage of it is definitely going to be the diet," he said.

He used his Facebook page as a way to be held accountable. He posted shirtless photos of himself for all to see at a hefty 237 pounds.

Then he posted an update photo every week during his 12-week journey back to being fit.

His diet was the focus. He planned out seven or eight meals each day, starting with eggwhites and oatmeal flavored with Stevia. Then about every two hours he ate again, switching between a lean protein like tilapia, salmon, beef, or chicken, alternating with sweet potatoes, brown rice, or broccoli.

His exercise plan consisted of a 20-minute brisk walk in the morning before work. After work he lifted weights at a gym, followed with another brisk 20-minute walk.

Twelve weeks later and 40 pounds lighter, Mayo not only looks better, but feels better.

"My wife says I'm a happier person," he said.

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