Family celebrates woman's 100th birthday outside nursing home window

STERLING, Massachusetts (KTRK) -- Despite all the growing coronavirus concerns, an elderly woman's family celebrated her 100th birthday in a special way and in the company of her family.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, Millie Erickson almost celebrated her birthday without her family. Like many nursing homes and hospitals, Sterling Village had to tighten its visitation policy in order to protect its residents.

Since Millie's family could not be inside, they found a loophole and sang to her from outside her window.

"It's really nice they let us do this," her son Gary Erickson said. "She doesn't usually cry, but she did. She's just thrilled to see everybody and she's lived a good, long life."

Millie may not have been able to blow out her candles or open gifts but she said having her family outside her room was the only present she needed.
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