Suspected thief led police on 8-mile chase driving 120 mph

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A suspected thief was arrested after crashing into a semi truck following an eight-mile high-speed chase through Houston.

Thursday morning, Houston Police Lt. Lewis Parker said officers received a tip about the suspect's location. She was spotted at Normandy Street & Woodforest Boulevard.

He said the following night, a flyer began circulating among police showing the wanted woman.

Police say she is one of the suspects responsible for at least two robberies involving weapons in the Houston area.

The woman led police on a chase with speeds reaching 120 MPH, according to HPD.

The chase ended at Mesa and Tidwell Road after the woman ran through a red light and hit a semi truck that was passing through the intersection.

"Stuff flying around everywhere in my truck pretty much, and once I stopped, I realized there was a vehicle there," said the driver. He said he was blindsided and that his truck did a 180 degree turn.

No one was hurt in the crash.

Two other women were in the car with the suspect. Police said they are expected to be released.

The suspect was arrested for three misdemeanor warrants: two for theft and one for family violence.

She is expected to be questioned about the crash as well.

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