Woman breaks into police department looking for officer she was allegedly harassing

WEST WYOMING, Pennsylvania (KTRK) -- A woman was arrested in West Wyoming, Pennsylvania, for breaking into a police department because she was allegedly looking for an officer she had been harrassing.

Surveillance video from outside the police building shows Ashley Keister banging on the door early on Monday.

When she couldn't break through, she smashed her way in using a cigarette butt holder.

Police said Keister was there to see a specific officer she had allegedly been harassing through social media.

Authorities said she was bothering that officer with sexual advances so often that the chief had to tell Keister to stop.

"I made her sign a piece of paper saying that she wouldn't contact a specific officer like she's been, sending him upwards of 20 plus messages a day," West Wyoming Police Chief Curt Nocera said.

But just hours after she signed that paper, Keister called 911 and told dispatchers she was coming to the police department to look for that particular officer.

Nocera said Keister entered the building and rummaged through the filing cabinets.

Police said when officers tried to arrest her, Keister swung at them. It took two officers to take her into custody.

"We definitely have to beef up security. Look around at all our municipal buildings, fire, EMS, and police to make sure that people like this can't break in and get to first responders," Nocera said.
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